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This can often be caused by that application updating, but can also be random. This is an unfortunate reality until Apple gives us a wider set of native configuration options. The default Mac dock is very.. There are tons of options, but virtually anything you want to do to your dock is possible here. There are several built in themes to go with, or you may create your own.

Its window grouping features are nice, as is the multi-monitor support, dock pinning options, timepiece widgets, beautiful and performant menus, and custom favorites areas. Overall, I would absolutely recommend giving it a try.

Change Your Mac’s Folder Icons and Give Them Some Personality

For the truly dedicated in desktop customization, desktop widgets are a mandatory inclusion to the complete configuration arsenal. For those coming from Linux, think Conky. In the Mac world, there are a few options, but there is one that rises above the fray — Ubersicht.

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Ubersicht has a large community behind it, and a wide array of preconfigured widgets available for viewing and download from their library. My first article, covering Mac terminal customization, is here. Become a member.

Restore icons default on mac

Sign in. Get started. Owen Caulfield Follow. LiteIcon One of my favorite pastimes when using Linux was firing up a new distro, immediately getting to work making the desktop mine. One of the best ways to customize your Mac and make it your own is to change your app and folder icons.

Change folder colors

With just a few simple changes, you can have things uniquely your own. There are a lot of different icons you can change in OS X. The easiest ones to change are your applications and folders but, we warn you, it can be habit forming. Once you start customizing, you may not want to stop! The Desktop is a folder, so its icon can be changed. Click the icon in the upper-left corner so that it has a blue border around it.

LSS005 - How to change Folder Icons in OS X

You can also find icon files that have the extension. If you have a collection of files for which you would like to change the icon, then there are some easy approaches to doing so. The generic icons that Apple and third-party developers provide for files and folders are usually enough to help you identify file types in OS X, but there are times when you might want to use a different representation.

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One option that Apple offers is the ability to show file previews as icons, but this is only available for some file types and not for others. An alternative option is to add custom icons to files and folders, which can be a fun and useful way to give your system a unique look. To do this, simply select an item and press Command-I to get information on it, and then with an image copied to the clipboard, you can select the icon at the top of the information window and press Command-V to paste and change it.

How to Change Folder and App Icons in OS X

You can also drag a file type to the icon in the information window to use that file type's generic icon. For example, if you drag any PDF to the icon field of the information window of another file, then that file will look like a generic PDF icon. By using Apple's inspector panel, you can easily customize multiple items at once. Unlike the standard information window, the inspector panel is a single hovering window that will give you information on the current selection, as opposed to a single file only. With this panel you can quickly apply changes to documents simply by selecting one or more of them instead of having to get information on each one.